The SkyCity responsible service of alcohol programme is designed to ensure guests enjoy an environment that is safe, responsible, and regulated.

Key components include:

  • SkyCity will provide the sale of alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner, including monitoring and control of alcohol consumption
  • SkyCity will maintain an effective responsible service of alcohol training programme to train and inform relevant employees on the responsible sale and supply of alcohol which must be completed prior to serving alcohol
  • All SkyCity employees receive an overview of the responsible service of alcohol policy during induction as part of the Host Responsibility Level 1 training programme, including recognition of excessive alcohol consumption traits
  • SkyCity shall ensure intoxicated patrons are excluded from entering the premises
  • When appropriate, any patron may be asked for verification of identity and proof of age, before being served or sold alcoholic beverages. If such identification cannot be produced, that patron will not be served or supplied with any alcohol
  • Staff will tactfully intervene to prevent possible problems arising from excessive alcohol consumption
  • No person who appears intoxicated will be served or sold alcohol, allowed to gamble or be allowed to remain on the premises.  The decision by any employee to withhold service cannot be revoked or overruled by another
  • At all times, when liquor is being sold or supplied to members of the public, there is a manager or managers on duty who hold current Managers Certificates under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012
  • Guests may not bring alcoholic beverages onto the premises where beverage service is provided, unless prior approval has been given

Customers contracting to use any meeting room, banquet or out-catering facilities must agree to abide by the SkyCity responsible service of alcohol programme and procedures regarding responsible service of alcohol

Why we can't serve you

Please don't be offended if we slow down or stop serving you alcohol, or ask you to stop gaming.

SkyCity has a company-wide commitment to the Responsible Service of Alcohol and important obligations under the sale of Liquor and Gambling Acts. Customer well-being and safety is our top priority.

  • We have a wide range of food, low-alcohol and non-alcohol drinks available 24/7.
  • We slow down the service of alcohol to people if it appears they are becoming intoxicated.
  • People who appear intoxicated aren’t permitted to game, be served alcohol or remain on the premises.
  • We help guests access safe transport options when needed.

For further information and assistance please ask to see the Security Shift Manager or Duty Bar Manager.

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