General criteria

SkyCity Queenstown Casino Community Trust considers applications from community and charitable organisations involved in the following activities:

  • Community projects that provide care, treatment or counselling, teach life-skills and provide educational programmes or research.
  • Projects that promote the arts, culture and entertainment in New Zealand, including recognition and understanding of different cultures living in New Zealand.
  • Provide assistance with or support of facilities, programmes or initiatives providing for the financial security of families.


Funding principles

SkyCity Queenstown Casino Community Trust makes grants to organisations (and projects) that:

  • can prove their ability to plan and undertake activities effectively, with a good record of accountability for funding;
  • are striving for self-reliance, and are able to make some financial contribution to the project; and
  • focus on areas where a real need can be proven.

Funding exclusions

SkyCity Queenstown Casino Community Trust does not fund:

  • Individuals;
  • Loan and endowment funds;
  • Activities occurring outside of New Zealand or the geographic boundary of the Queenstown-Lakes district
  • Business or investment capital; or
  • Retrospective activities.

Lower priority funding

Outlined below are activities that are considered a low-priority for funding:

  • Adult recreation, including sport; and
  • General operational funding including administration and rent; and
  • Salaries and wages